Released: August 20, 2019

“Jenny JAM is a singer/songwriter whose music inspires others to believe in themselves even when all hope seems lost. Her poignant lyrics connect with listeners on a deep level portraying personal struggles many of us can relate to.” - Earmilk

Short Bio

Leading single ‘Morning Bottle’ narrates the singers struggle with her arrival in Los Angeles. She confides, “The message is ultimately that no matter what happens to you, who screws you over, who takes everything from you, abuses you, tries to destroy you or destroy relationships that mean everything to you; no one can take away who YOU are. Always stay true to yourself and believe in you, then you will rise out of the ashes no matter what happens”.

The stunning cinematic visuals for ‘Morning Bottle’ reflect the lyrics, telling the story of some of the unreliable people Jenny first met coming to Los Angeles. Jenny expresses, “I also wanted the music video to portray my living situation; living out a suitcase at no fixed abode, drinking to get through my struggles. The desert and the open road was my escape. Being in such a beautiful deserted location gave me a sense of freedom and power”.

Press Shots

Morning Bottle

“Morning Bottle” is an expression of a means to cope with life’s obstacles. A lesson to stay true to yourself and you’ll get through anything.

Morning Bottle Vinyl Record


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